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Valentine's Day

I will be honest, I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I'm not against it, I have just never been too fussed to celebrate it - but I had so much fun this year with all of my bakes.

I put a lot of work into my marketing ahead of Valentine's Day and offered pre-orders for customers to reserve cakes and cupcakes. This all worked really well and I was so happy with the outcome. It was the busiest week I have had so far and I was absolutely shattered by the weekend but I wish every week was like that (fingers crossed it will be one day).

I planned a new range of valentine's bakes which included cupcakes, biscuits and mini cakes. The mini cakes are 4" and perfect for 2-6 people, they are super cute and went down really well - there will be a separate blog about mini cakes coming soon. Below are some photos of my bakes so I hope you enjoy them.

On Valentine's Day I had a stall in Leeds city centre which was really successful - especially with those who had forgotten about valentines and needed a last minute gift. I loved all the cute bakes and can't wait for next year's selection already.

Enjoy x

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