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New Design Launch

I was recently asked by a friend what my favourite thing about baking full time was and whilst there are undoubtedly lots of ups and downs I struggled to name just one thing that I love about my job!

It did get me thinking though and I'd struggle to look past the fact that baking allows me to be creative. I'm very aware that a lot of bakers now create similar products such as drip and overload cakes (which I do love) but I recently decided to start making some new designs that are more individual to my style. I've always enjoyed art and being creative however it wasn't until I started Slice of Yorkshire that I had the opportunity to practise and show my arty side.

I chose to design cakes that I would like to make/order for myself - that are slightly more abstract and "arty" with a modern twist of geometric shapes. I have lots of ideas in my head of exactly what I wanted finished products to look like however many of them turned out completely different (typical). Below are a selection of my new designs...

All of these cakes have been designed to give customers the chance to order something a little bit different and unique at the same time as trying something new for Slice of Yorkshire. They can be created in any colour and on any size cake which means there is still loads of flexibility for customers to make these designs bespoke and personal to them.

Having spent some time playing with these designs, this is definitely an aspect of the job that I love and makes it all so enjoyable. There will be a lot more of these to come so watch this space but for now, please let me know your thoughts on these and if there are any other styles that you might like to see!?

And finally, of course I have a favourite... I love everything about this cake from the striking colours to the balloon and I just love anything with gold leaf. Personally I think this is the perfect celebration cake as the whole thing just looks like a party!

Any thoughts or feedback is always appreciated x

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