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My First Day in the Office

I'm excited to tell you that I was supposed to write this post last week but I was too busy which is great news to say that it was my first day working full-time as a baker.

This photo is of my new desk and I love it!

(I also love my new mug that I was given when I left my job)

On my first day as a full-time baker, this was my view when I was part way through making my second ever wedding cake.

It was an early start and my poor oven was working overtime but the bakes were all perfect and I couldn't have been happier. While the cakes all cooled I went for a lovely celebratory lunch with my sister who had come to visit - before you start judging me, I am very aware that now I am running my business full-time I shouldn't have the spare time or money to be out lunching however this was a one-off.

By the time I got back I cakes were cooled and ready to decorate (which is may favourite part) but at some point I managed to get distracted and decided to make a completely new cake as a little test. Please don't worry, I had ensured that there was plenty of time to get the wedding cake completed.

I made the additional cake for two reasons:

1) I wanted to try out a new red velvet recipe

2) I wanted to test whether I can sell a cake last minute just in case I want to try other recipes or a customer cancels an order last minute

I'm happy to say that both were successful - I made a tasty little red velvet cake, posted it on Facebook and Instagram, and it sold within a few hours.

I know it won't all be this easy and I am very fortunate that I had a wedding cake order to kick start my work but it was a great first day!

In case you are interested, I will be writing a post on the wedding cake soon but if you can't wait, there are pictures on my Instagram :)


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