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Launch of my Mini Cakes

I recently realised that my smallest cakes (6") feed up to 20 people (due to them being so delightfully tall) and anything for fewer people only came in the form of cupcakes. While this isn't necessarily a problem, I decided that personally I prefer giving people a cake to mark a celebration and started my mission to produce even smaller cakes.

After a couple of trial runs, I'm very excited to launch my mini cakes! These are 4" with 2 layers of cake and feed up to 6 people with generous slices. They can be decorated just like any of my bigger cakes and they are absolutely perfect for a smaller party or gathering.

I first tested these little treats for Valentine's Day and I was thrilled with the feedback - customers have loved that they can now get all of my cake designs but in a smaller version which makes them ideal gifts for any celebration.

Mini cakes are available in a variety of flavours and start from just £20. If you want like to order a mini cake please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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