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How to take photos of cake

Since I started Slice of Yorkshire, I have been using a range of social media platforms to promote my bakes however I feel like I have learnt a lot over the past 12 month to get to where I am now.

Behind the scenes to a photo I recently took of a caramel drip cake

When I first set up the Facebook and Instagram pages, I contacted some competitors to get feedback on what I can do or change to grow my online brand. I received a lot of really helpful suggestions but it was made apparent that I needed to do the following:

- Establish my USP and make this very clear throughout my marketing

- Get a 'look' and tone across all social media

- Take high quality photos to mirror the quality of my products

I took all of this advise on board and went to work!

I invested in a new camera, photography tent and lights then spent a lot of time figure out how to take a good photograph (easier said than done in my case). Above you can see a photo that I took last week of a caramel drip cake and matching cupcakes which will be used on my social media over the next few days. I am now in a routine of taking photos of any bakes before they are collected/delivered/eaten to ensure that I have high quality promotional materials.

I still have a lot to learn but with every cake my photography is improving and I am much more confident about my abilities. Below is a photo of how our Instagram page is currently looking and I feel like it is finally starting to take shape and show exactly what Slice of Yorkshire has to offer.

@sliceofyorkshire Instagram in all it's glory.
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