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How to make a rosette cake

I was so excited when I was finally asked to make a rosette cake for a customer. I have seen these cakes for years and I think they are beautiful however until now I didn't have the opportunity to make one.

Here is the final result of my first ombre rosette cake

Having waited so long to receive an order like this, I was slightly nervous when it came to actually decorating the cake. However, as soon as I started piping, it all came together nicely (much to my surprise and delight). The rosettes didn't need to be completely perfect as they are piped so close together that any little mistakes or wobbles can be tidied up by the next rose and so on. I really enjoyed making this cake and I'm hoping that I get more orders as a result - fingers crossed.

The customer had requested an ombre pink rosette cake with 4 layers of ombre sponge inside (as you can see in the image below).

The customer sent me this image of the inside of the cake. Here you can see the ombre running though the layers.

Have you ever made a rosette cake? Post your images and thoughts below.

Enjoy x

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