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Fazenda Review

So this is a little different to my usual posts but I fancied a change from talking about my business and my cakes. I consider myself to be a big foodie and my day-to-day plans are based around what I am eating and when so I have decided to start sharing some of my Yorkshire food experiences with you.

In December I decided that I wanted to have a work Christmas do (as most businesses have) however as Slice of Yorkshire has only been running for a few months, the staff team is rather depleted and so it was really just a meal with my boyfriend who is also my Marketing Manager.

Living just outside of Leeds City Centre, we had so many options for places to go but after reviewing all of our choices we settled on Fazenda (which was inevitable because I love it). The restaurant is located just next to the train station so it is really easy for people who have travelled into the city centre and it's always busy enough to create the perfect atmosphere. Every time I have been to Fazenda, a big part of the experience is the staff - from the minute you arrive everyone is lovely and you are made to feel special.

You will find that during this little review I have only positive things to say but it is just my honest opinion.

Before I talk about the main highlight of the experience, let me tell you about the salad bar. I'm really not much of a salad eater and I'm never particularly interested in that part of a meal but the salad bar at Fazenda is in a league of it's own. There is absolutely everything you could want from cold meats and cheeses to bread and leaves then hot pastas, potatoes and rices - there is something for everyone. My diet is very carb heavy so obviously I head straight for the breads and potatoes but everything is well presented and fresh.

At this point I am already pretty content with a lovely glass of sauvignon and a plate of delicious "salads" but then comes the main event... In my opinion Fazenda serves the best meat in Leeds! On your table is a disc that has a red side and a green side (stop and go) and from the moment you turn this little disc over you are greeted by an array of different meats.

The meats are brought to the table and pieces are sliced off for you to take. Similar to the salad bar, there are options for everyone with not only different meats available but also a variety of doneness (not sure if that is a real word). It's all delicious but without a doubt my favourite is the minted lamb - it's amazing! Every time I have been to Fazenda I worry that it isn't going to be as good as I remember but, for me, it always exceeds expectations.

I really believe that Fazenda in Leeds is a true slice of Yorkshire - if you are looking for somewhere with incredible meats, deliciously fresh sides/salads and a lovely atmosphere then I highly recommend this!

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