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Designing Cakes

People often ask me how I come up with new designs for my cakes and it's actually one of my favourite things about this job.

For starters, I'm obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest. I use these for everything (not just cakes but every aspect of my life). My Insta is filled with incredible bakers from all over the world who create the most beautiful cakes and so many have their own unique style - this is my goal, to have a clear cake style that is personal and recognisable.

I love it when a customer gets in touch with a vague theme and asks me to make a cake or some cupcakes. This gives me so much freedom to play around with new ideas and make something really original and bespoke. A couple of weeks ago I received a last minute order for a chocolate cake with a cat theme for a 70th birthday. The customer trusted me to design the cake as long as I included some reference to cats so I decided to try something a little bit different.

As the cake was for a 70 year old male, I wanted to keep it classy and elegant so I made some fondant cat silhouettes and then some paw prints to decorate the cake. It was an 8" chocolate cake with chocolate ganache buttercream and I was really happy with the outcome.

" Amy created a superb cake with brilliant cat decorations for my uncle's birthday! He was delighted! The cake was delicious too! Amy created the cake and delivered it within a day of my order being placed. She was brilliant replying to messages swiftly. 100% recommended"

Feedback like this makes all the work so worthwhile and I love hearing that people enjoy my cakes and designs. I'm always excited for new opportunities and challenges so please feel free to send them my way!

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