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Buttercream Cakes

Since starting the business I have been really focused on establishing a clear "look" and style for my bakes and I quickly found that buttercream cakes were exactly what I want to specialise in. I think that they are elegant and sophisticated but can also still be bespoke and personalised.

A couple of people have asked me what a buttercream cake is but it is really what it says - cakes that are covered and decorated with buttercream as opposed to fondant or ganache. These could be fully covered cakes, naked (without any buttercream around the sizes) or semi-naked (with a thin layer of buttercream where you can see the cake through). I personally love the look of these cakes and much prefer making them.

The biggest challenge has been making this apparent to all customers. A lot of people want novelty or fondant covered cakes and it has been difficult to turn down an order when I'm trying to start a business but I believe that it's really important to build Slice of Yorkshire with the bakes that I'm passionate about.

My inspiration has largely come from other bakers on Instagram (mainly in Australia and America) and I have used this to focus my designs. It is still early days but I'm so excited to keep building my brand and my style.

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