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Behind the Baker: 1

So it’s a new year and while I'm not necessarily a fan of the New Years Resolutions, I thought it was the perfect time to be a little more sociable with you all.

Since starting Slice of Yorkshire, I have been told to be more personable online however this is definitely not my comfort zone and it’s a lot easier to hide behind my cakes and bakes. But anyway, here I am… I’m Amy and this little business is my life. I’m going to aim to do weekly blog posts from now on where I will witter about everything from the life as a baker to my favourite cakes.

Me and my lockdown birthday cake

Why not start by talking about how insane the last 2 years have been?! Everyone’s life has been impacted in one way or another and some much more dramatically than others. In all honestly, I feel really lucky that I have somehow been okay. I was in the same position as lots of small businesses over the past 18 months where I fell through the cracks of any government funding scheme. At the time this made me so panicked but now I look back, I genuinely believe that it has benefited me and the business. I have had to adapt and be resourceful which aren’t necessarily skills that I would say that I possessed before the pandemic.

As soon as we went into lockdown, I decided to take a few weeks off to completely clean my kitchen and order all new ingredients (which as we know, was not the easiest to track down). I then started working on some traybake recipes which isn't something that I have really focused on in the past. Once I was super happy with my brownies, blondies and rocky road, I started offering postal bakes which went so so well. I couldn't have wished for a better response from customers and once I was in a routine (and the postal service caught up with itself) my weekly orders quickly increased. While I had minimal requests for bespoke orders such a cakes, my postal treat boxes enabled me to continue working throughout all of the various lockdowns and added so much to my business.

I can't thank all of my customers enough for their ongoing support and getting me through the last 2 years - I can't explain how much this means to me!

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